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Describe how to order a second machine with same Rapid Space account
  • Last Update:2020-01-31
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Q: I already have an account, can I order a second machine?

A: To order another VM or more VM, please order it on (if you are inside China) or from (if you are outside China) by using the same email address that you used for registration last time. Then you will get a message "You have already an account, do you confirm you want to order for this account ?", once you confirm the ordering and complete payment process, the VM will be prepared and assigned to your account, you will receive an email to notify that this new ordered VM is ready for use.

Please note that each order will generate an independent subscription, and the VM(s) that is(are) ordered is associated with the subscription, invoices are issued per subscription, not per VM.