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How To Create Multiple ERP5 Sites

How To showing how to setup ERP5 sites on one machine in a clean and secure way.
  • Last Update:2016-02-11
  • Version:001
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Table of Contents


#1: Create a new Zope instance for every ERP5 Site

Although it is technically possible to set up many ERP5 Sites in one Zope instance, it is not recommended - it can create numerous problems. Don't do it. If you want another ERP5 Site, create another Zope instance.

The most recommended way to set up new Zope instance is the following:

  • create a dedicated group in the operating system
  • add to this group yourself, a user the Zope will be run as (should be dedicated too), and optionally other users working on the site you are creating
  • create a directory in /home/*, make it owned by the group
  • use mkzopeinstance to create a zope instance within the new directory
  • edit the new zope.conf - set up all the locations, ports, user to run zope, don't forget the TimerService directive

For a quick and easy method of creating a new instance, download the following file: skel.tar.bz2

  • untar it in your home directory. A directory named skel will be created
  • create the zope instance with /usr/lib/erp5/bin/ -s skel (or the path to the skeleton directory)

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