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Guideline Document Keywords Are Lowercase Singular And Line Separated

Keywords are used.
  • Last Update:2017-04-10
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Document Keywords Are Lowercase Singular And Line Separated

One of the most important fields to define are keywords, because they help showing related topics or searching for keyword related documents. Keywords allow us to structure the large amount of documentation documents into useful groups. To not end up with a million keywords, the following rules must be followed:

  • One keyword per line, no commas
  • Names can be mixed case, like ERP5, MySQL, Senna
  • All other keywords are lowercase
  • All keywords are singular
  • Seperate words by space, nothing else
  • Publication sections are NOT keywords
  • Follow-Up Products (like ERP5, SlapOS, etc) are NOT keywords

Good examples:

portal catalog

These are helpful keywords. ERP5 is defined to not mix with other software solutions, search will return this document for all users looking for information on searching in ERP5. portal catalog is written without underscore ("_") and MySQL as a name can be written in mixed case.

Bad examples:

Open Source

Commas will become part of the keywords, defining documentation will make all other documentation documents show up as related documents. HowTo is mixed case without space as separator and like documentation defined in publication_section, so they don't belong here. portal_skins uses underscore and plural, as does modules. ERP and Open Source use wrong case and are unrelated to the document. We can always add generic search engine optimization tags to a document when rendering but - as keywords are not relevant for search engine optimization currently, we should use them to properly structure content on ERP5. Altogether, this is too many keywords for a document. Use keywords in a smart way and start out with a list of keywords from a related document