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10€/month 1Gb extra storage space

  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
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Hosting Service
1Gb dedicated storage space

100 times more storage space


Should you decide to use your ERP5 Express daily to store important data, there might be a time when you will lack sufficient storage space. Indeed, the free version of Express comes with 100Mb storage capacity, which can be enough if you do not share large documents such as presentation or images. There are two solution to increase the storage capacity of your instance: either purchase a dedicated server or buy additional space. This is the purpose of this 1Gb extra server space, that can be purchased any time. You can purchase more than 1Gb of course, even if we would recommend to choose a complete hosting solution to be relaxed on this matter.

1Gb for 10€
  • 100 times more storage space