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The safest way to host your data: hosting plans

  • Last Update:2008-11-07
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Complete hosting solution
Premium Hosting

Dedicated CPU core

In order to enjoy perfect comfort of use, you can now benefit from this dedicated CPU core, which will increase the working speed of your instance.

Advanced backup

Double your security
Exporting your data helps you to both store it on your computer and on our servers, which doubles the security settings.

Comply with the law
It will also help you burn you data once exported, in order to comply with the law, which demands to archive your financial data regularly.

Free technical support

As a premium client, you will receive a free email assistance to solve technical problems. We guarantee to provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

Premium Hosting
  • 10 times faster than the free version
  • Advanced backup of your data
  • Free technical support