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Develop your personal ERP5 applications

  • Last Update:2008-11-07
  • Version:001
  • Language:en
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Hosting Service
PaaS - developer mode

Create and personalize categories

You can create and customize the existing categories thanks to the developer mode. Note that you will need to understand how Zope works in order to have these categories work properly. If you would like to be trained to this features, please contact us using the contact button on your right.

Modify the source code!

Modify the source code to adapt the ERP5 Express application to your company's needs. Do you need to change the workflows or create completely new features? You can do it thanks to the PaaS service. Note that this implies that you can understand and write python and Zope languages. If this is not the case and you need your application to be customized, please contact us using the "contact" button on the right.

Develop your personal ERP5 applications
  • Create and personalize categories
  • Modify the source code!