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  • Last Update:2010-10-01
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Mobile skin

Keep track of your business wherever you might be thanks to this cellphone access to your instance. No risk of being away from your data anymore!

No internet connexion needed

It is common that you cannot access the web, because you are in a train or in a car, right ? ERP5 Express mobile skin grants you access to your instance with no internet connection, directly from your 3G cellphone!

Nothing to learn!

As the program is exactly identical to your online based instance, you will be accustomed to the layout and the features with no training session needed.

Easy to install

You will be given the appropriate codes to access the application directly from your cellphone. ERP5 mobile skin is completely respectful of the W3C navigation constraints, and will display properly on your cellphone.


The mobile skin is at the moment only compatible with Nokia E61 cellphone, but in the future, will be available for many other models and brands. If you would like to have our team work on a specific cellphone compatibility, you can contact us using the contact button in the right bar.

ERP5 and Nokia
  • No internet connexion needed
  • Nothing to learn!
  • Easy to install