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Store your emails in ERP5

  • Last Update:2008-12-08
  • Version:001
  • Language:en
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Email synchronization

Managing your emails through ERP5 Express improves your CRM !

Wouldn't it be really useful to be able to store all your emails in your ERP5 Express instance, whether they are received or sent ? Not only can this be done easily and very fast with the Email Synchronization service, but also it has been designed in a way that will help you save time: indeed the emails that you receive or send are stored in your instance, but they are also linked with the person's sheet of the related contact. This means that you can track all your email history with a client whenever you want very easily, which is very helpful to track sale opportunities for example, or even support requests. Remember that the procedure is automatic, ERP5 Express takes care of everything!

Better Customer Relationship Management

The emails sent and received will be automatically linked and stored to the related person (the sender or recipient). This dramatically improves your CRM because you keep track of the conversations you had with your customers or with any person stored in your instance. To display all the email exchanged with a person, simply access the person's sheet and click on the event tab!

No Outlook, no Thunderbird, just ERP5 Express!

ERP5 Express can replace your actual email client, be it Open Source or proprietary. Your instance will be able to receive and send emails directly to persons in your contact list.

Easy to make it work

You will have to take some easy steps to configure your email client, and once this is done, the service will be working, which means that you will be able to send and receive emails directly from your ERP5 Express instance, no need to navigate between your instance and your email client anymore, as your emails will arrive directly in your worklist notifications!

Let you guide by the documentation

As the configuration of your email client is up to you, you will receive all the necessary documentation to help you proceed. On top of that, we will send you documentation and one month free support to manage this service, and understand how the event system works in ERP5 Express.

Synchronize your email client
  • Better Customer Relationship Management
  • No Outlook, no Thunderbird, just ERP5 Express!
  • Easy to make it work
  • Let you guide by the documentation