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ERP5 Health

Description of ERP5 solutions for Health Services and Hospitals.
  • Last Update:2014-05-08
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

ERP5 Health is a vertical extension of the acclaimed ERP5 framework for Health Professionals and Hospitals.

Patient Records

ERP5 Health provides complete management of Patient records through configurable workflows and fine grained access rules. Any activity held in Hospital contributes to new patient records in relation with their medical practitioner. Patient records data can only be accessed by authorized staff, well aware of ethics and legislation for medical privacy.

Custom patient record templates can be added and configured easily through ERP5 exclusive "Digital Paper" technology. ERP5 Health mimics existing paper based records which smoothes the transition from paper based records to digital records.

Thanks to ERP5 built-in datawarehouse engine, data can be extracted in real time from patient records to feed a data warehouse and contribute to health statistical studies or to epidemiology monitoring. All this can be achieved in an anonymous way with a strict respect of patient privacy.

As an option, ERP5 Health can also provide Web access for Patients to see their own records under the control of their medical practionners.

Hospital Administration and Finance

ERP5 Health provides the administrative backbone of a Hospital. This covers:

  • Visit Schedule of patients to their practitioner.
  • Stay of patients at the hospital.
  • Inventory Management of drugs at the Pharmacy.
  • Taxonomies of pathologies, medical acts, drugs and treatments.
  • Invoicing of patients based on medical acts and consumed resources.
  • Accounting based on local legislation and on IFRS standards.
  • Payroll of Hospital staff, both regular workers and external experts.
  • Asset Management of Hospital equipment.
  • Purchase Management of drugs and supplies.
  • Time Management of Hospital staff with Teams and Calendars.
  • Document Archival of files produced by digital imagery or by other medical equipments.

With ERP5 Health, hospitals, clinics or professional associations of medical practitioners can implement unified system to support their management requirements and safely keep track of patient records.

Successfully Deployed

ERP5 has been deployed successfully in a private Clinic with 100 beds.