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ERP5 Testing Philosophy

Design documents explain how we test the code we produce.
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Design documents are the must read documentation before trying to test any project.


  • OSOE Research - Universities are conducting research within the OSOE farmework.
  • OSOE FAQ - One Student One ERP Programs Frequently Asked Questions


  • TioLive Chart of Accounts - This page present all chart of accounts available in TioLive. It can be used to prepare the import spreadsheet of the accounting accounts in accordance with the Chart of Account used in your TioLive instance.





  • ERP5 Implementation in Aerospace Industry: Integrated Order Management Solution for TerraSAR-X Commercial Service Segment - Airbus DS Geo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, holds the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the TerraSAR-X radar earth observation satellite and uses ERP5 as part of the service segment for the commercial distribution of data from the TerraSAR-X Mission . The initial implementation of the ERP5 for the TerraSAR-X Service Segment was realised by Nexedi and Logica and went into production in 2006, after which Nexedi took sole responsibility for managing the system and its technical evolution.



  • Rapid.Space for Developers - Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential OM features tp launch a SaaS service in less than 3 months.
  • Rapid.Space for Industry 4.0 - Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential services to deploy Industry 4.0 based on open source software, hardware and operation management procedures.
  • Rapid.Space for SaaS Providers - Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud platform provides all essential OM features tp launch a SaaS service in less than 3 months.


  • ERP5 Banking - Press release to announce the successful implementation of ERP5 in a Central Bank

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  • Chat - standards and scope of TioLive business chat solution


  • RapidSpace China Announced - Nexedi has successfully deployed the early infrastructure of its Rapid.Space public cloud in China, in partnership with state-owned big data company. For the first time, price of Cloud in China has become as low as in Europe. A 256 GB RAM dedicated VM with 40 Xeon virtual cores, 4 TB SSD and 10 Gbps network is marketed 1888 RMB per month. This 5 to 20 times less than the average market price in China.


  • Software Defined Space - Software & Virtualisation Impacting Satellite Communications. Software defined radio and edge cloud combined form an ideal combination for space computing infrastructure.
  • SlapOS Testing Debut - Translation of Japanese Press Release about SlapOS

Cloud ComputingSearch

  • ViFiB Announces first Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for SaaS - ViFiB, a global expert of Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery, announces the first commercial service to enhance the resilience of Software as a Service (SaaS). ViFiB innovative service protects businesses against the growing risks of losing their critical data stored on the Cloud, especially in cases of "force majeure" events. ViFiB can guarantee business continuity in case of long downtime which may occur in Software as a Service (SaaS), such as customer relationship management (CRM), messaging, document management or e-commerce.
  • SUPINFO International University and TU Dresden have launched today the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to teach ERPs based on open source ERP5 - SUPINFO International University and TU Dresden have launched today the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to teach ERPs based on open source ERP5. About 1500 students located in 12 countries will be participating to the MOOC in addition to dozens of anonymous students from other institutions. The MOOC is based on ERP5, an open source ERP created by Nexedi and deployed by multinational companies and by governments on 4 continents and on the One Student One ERP (OSOE) education program.
  • Government Selects SlapOS Decentralized Cloud to Serve 30.000 users - SlapOS, the open source decentralized Cloud platform, was selected by government in Africa to power its data center and provide access to 10 mission critical applications to 30,000 users. It is the first commercial success of SlapOS on the sovereign Cloud market, only 3 months after its commercial introduction on June 18th, 2012.
  • Nexedi announces Low Cost, Resilient and Eco-Friendly Cloud Computing for Sovereign Applications based on SlapOS - Nexedi, creator of ERP5 open source ERP and inventor of decentralized Cloud Computing, will introduce at the Solutions Linux exhibition in Paris, low cost and eco-friendly Cloud Computing for Government applications. The service based on SlapOS technology provides 90% cost savings compared to legacy virtualization technology. It leads to 75% energy savings compared to traditional server infrastructure. It supports resiliency to force majeure events such as terrorism, natural disaster, war or strikes.
  • Nexedi announces "SlapOS Billing": open source billing platform for Cloud Computing - Nexedi, creator of ERP5 open source ERP and inventor of decentralized Cloud Computing, will introduce at Solutions Linux exhibition in Paris "SlapOS Billing", an open source billing platform for Cloud Computing.


  • Korean - TioLive announcement of Korean Language available.




  • Contact - To find out more about our open source software solutions and the services Nexedi provides around its solutions, contact us by email or speak with us directly.

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  • Code and Test - Information on how to contribute to ERP5 including authoring and contribution guidelines.


  • CRM - Description ERP5 CRM features for Enterprise segment.
  • Why? - scopes of Tiolive ERP
  • TioLive CRM - This blog post is to explain how the CRM works and how it can help a business
  • CRM - Description of the CRM scope.
  • event module features - 




  • ERP5 5.4.5 - This blog post is to announce the release of ERP5 5.4.5 and the upcoming upgrade.




  • eCommerce - Description ERP5 CRM features for Enterprise segment.

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  • 2880 x86 core cloud for 205.000€ - Turnkey Enterprise Cloud announced by Horizon Computing and Nexedi - Priced 205.000€ per building block - Based on Open Hardware Solutions (OHS) and SlapOS fully integrated Edge Cloud - Using 2880 x86 cores per block

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  • SlapOS NMS Showcase MWC 2019 - Nexedi will showcase during Mobile World Congress 2019 its next generation Network Management System (SlapOS NMS) designed for low latency 4G and 5G. SlapOS NMS is a Free Software converged solution for edge computing and radio networks. It now supports open source 3GPP stacks (ex. SRS), proprietary stacks (ex. Amarisoft) and open hardware (ex. Lime Microsystems, Open Compute Project).
  • Edge Computing Enabler MWC 2019 - Nexedi will introduce at Mobile World Congress 2019 an innovative Edge Computing enabler: SlapOS EdgePacer. Based on industrial grade Open Hardware by Olimex, SlapOS EdgePacer extends existing corporate networks with essential edge services: content delivery network (CDN), IoT buffering, low latency routing, resilient networking and IPv6 everywhere.
  • NMS MWC 2018 - Nexedi is demonstrating during Mobile World Congress 2018 a preview of a Network Management System (NMS) designed for low latency 5G and 4G networks. NMS is published under Free Software license, integrated with Amarisoft 5G / 4G stack and supports Edge Computing for AI offloading.


  • Aerospace - Description of ERP5 solutions for e-goverment.
  • Government - Description of ERP5 solutions for e-goverment.


  • Business Email - standards and scope of TioLive business email solution
  • e-Commerce - Description of the TioLive e-commerce solution
  • Web - Description of the Web publication features of TioLive


  • Documentation - A Web page with a structured list of all TioLive documentation
  • ERP - ERP functional scope.
  • Tutorial - This Page provide the tutorial that will allow user to learn TioLive.
  • Technology - Description of TioLive technology partners.


  • ERP5 CRM Application - ERP5 CRM provides an extensible solution to track customers, their career history, their relation to organisations and all related events. It includes a flexible workflow based ticket management system to support sales opportunities, support requests and non conformance reports. It can act as a consolidation solution for all contact information in an organisation with full multidimensional classification and built-in LDAP interfacing.
  • ERP5 MRP - Application covering the full range of requirements to manage a production facility: BOMs, Production Orders, Production Reports, Material Requirement Planning, Complex Supply Chains, etc. ERP5's multidimensional model allows for managing multiple independent factories within the same database, either in centralized or distributed mode.
  • Banking Application - Solution for central banking, cash management, check management and account management.
  • Accounting Application - ERP5 includes advanced multidimensional analytical accounting. It can fit the needs of small companies, groups of companies, multinational companies and governmental organisations. The ERP5 accounting model combines mutliple accounting plans in a single environment. It supports both private accounting (ex. PCG, OHADA, etc.) and public accounting (ex. M14). ERP5 Accounting has been designed with and certified by chartered accountants.
  • eCommerce Application - Application providing a front end to ERP5 for online order management including online shop, online procurement, etc. syncing with an ERP5 back office through the industry standard SyncML protocol.
  • Barcode Application - Create barcodes within ERP5 and print them
  • Payroll Application - ERP5 Payroll generates pay-sheets based on flexible parameters. Multiple legislation can be supported within a single database
  • ERP5 ODS Style Application - The ERP5 Ods style used in order to create OpenOffice's ods files and display Ods report.
  • RSS Application - Use any ERP5 data to turn it into a RSS feed
  • OOo Import Data Application - ERP5 OOo Import Data Application makes it possible to import data from Open Office documents into ERP5.
  • Inventory Application - ERP5 Inventory application provides inventory for ERP5
  • Budget Application - ERP5 Budget helps manage budgets
  • Gadget Application - A System to create dynamic portals using draggable and droppable knowledge gadgets
  • Electronic Government Application - ERP5 Electronic Government Application provides a generic solution for building an electronic government site. It can turn any PDF into an electronic form and save it inside a database for further processing.
  • Web Application - Simple yet powerful publication system over the web. Can serve any ERP5 object within a custom web design / layout.
  • Conversion Application - ERP5 Conversion Application allows site administrators to pre convert DMS documents in background to desired formats and save this pre conversion in cache backend (kumodb) so DMS conversion is served instantly
  • SQL Worklist Cache Application - SQL-based caching system for worklists. This allows to cache object count into a SQL table, reducing greatly the amount of work needed for every worklist generation.
  • POS Application - ERP5 POS Application provides POS capabilities within a web based ERP5 system.
  • Invoicing Application - Application to generate invoices in ERP5.
  • Forum Application - ERP5 Forum provides discussions / forum for any ERP5 document
  • ERP5 KM Application - Application to organize documents and content for organizations or communities with a large number of participant or high amount of information.
  • Immobilisation Application - Immobilisation Template gives the ability to make accountable immobilisations and amortisations in ERP5.
  • Auto Logout Application - Allows to implement a cookie based authentication policy (i.e. auto logout feature if user is inactive after a configurable time interval)
  • HR Application - ERP5 HR provides human resources management inside ERP5
  • Credential Application - ERP5 Credential provides a generic implementation of credential management in applications such as web sites, social networks, self-management of credentials in corporations, etc.
  • Consulting Application - Application for consultancy processes covering definition of requirements, categories and tasks.
  • PDM Application - ERP5 PDM provides Product Data Management inside ERP5
  • ERP5 ODT Style Application - The ERP5 Odt style used in order to display nice ODT reports.
  • Authentication Policy Application - Allows to implement any authentication policy for an ERP5 Web site like block user after X authentication failures, control quality of used passwords, etc.
  • Forge Application - ERP5 Forge helps software development. It provide a bug management module, integration with version control systems and a glossary module for translation project.
  • Base Application - ERP5 Base includes base module for the most common use of ERP5: Organisations, Persons and Currencies.
  • Advanced Invoicing Application - ERP5 Advanced Invoicing Application provides a generic separation between invoice generation and respective invoice transaction.
  • ERP5 introduced to Sankei Chem - 
  • CSV Style Application - Export any data inside ERP5 into a CSV format.
  • Project Application - ERP5 Project application provide project management
  • Trade Application - ERP5 Trade provides management of sales, purchasing, packing, delivery and shipping processes.
  • Xinha Editor Application - Application enabling use of Xinha Editor inside ERP5 (
  • Nexedi Announces Open Source Cloud Banking - After 6 years of successful operation of ERP5 ERP/CRM in multiple financial institutions, Nexedi is proud to announce an open source Cloud based solution for Banking with a simple and innovative pricing scheme: Nexedi Cloud Banking.
  • Email Reader Application - ERP5 Email Reader Application provide the features of an Email reader to ERP5. It consists of a DMS external source, a WebSite and a gadget. The external source is capable of reading email from any POP/IMAP server, store it and index it into ERP5. The WebSite provides a email focused user interface. Gadgets provide access to email from ERP5 main page or from ERP5 KM.
  • Slideshow Application - ERP5 Slideshow Application provides a way to turn any web page into a nice presentation which can be shown into a full screen mode.
  • SVG Editor Application - ERP5 SVG Editor Application provides a web SVG file editing user interface for editing a SVG content inside ERP5.
  • Unit Tests - This page provides information how to download ERP5's source code.
  • Source Code - This page provides information how to download ERP5's source code.
  • Success Cases - 

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  • Zawee runs its local fashion shops and eCommerce web site with ERP5 - Zawee run its fashion retail business with two shops in Paris and its online shop with ERP5. Thanks to ERP5 Trade, ERP5 PDM and ERP5 POS, Zawee has complete control over its inventory of clothes, bags and accessories in all variations of colours and sizes. With EPR5 eCommerce Zawee can use the same product catalogue for online and offline sales. ERP5‘s social network integration allows Zawee to motivate its clients to promote Zawee products by rewarding facebook likes with loyalty points for shop discounts.

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  • ERP5 Release 5.5 - Nexedi announces the availability of ERP5 Release 5.5. With the introduction of ZODB Components, the release extends ERP5's capabilities for 24/7 operation on clusters. It is the first release offering Chinese and German Internationalisation (Translation and Accounting Integration) through ERP5 Configurator. The introduction of code mirror and ace editor makes ERP5 even more suitable as Open Source private PaaS for developers of business applications.



  • Summary - This page provides a general description of the features of applications bundled in TioLive.


  • Cloud Operation Management - SlapOS Cloud Operation Management System designed by Nexedi is an all-in-one open source DC automation solution for IaaS and PaaS which covers provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, disaster recovery, billing, invoicing and CRM.
  • NMS - OSTV Network Management System is a custom version of SlapOS designed by Nexedi in collaboration with Amarisoft to support mass deployment and operation of VRAN telecommunication and edge computing.

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  • Free Software Publisher Spotlight - Nexedi is part of the initial selection of European Free Software Publishers presenting at the Spotlight on Free Software Publishers event hosted by Cap Digital, the Libre Endowment Fund and the National Council of Libre Software.

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  • Health - Description of ERP5 solutions for Health Services and Hospitals.



  • Contacts - Description of the contact management, of the human resource basic management scope and the user management features.




  • Free IoT Software for Wind Energy - This presentation introduces a complete use case of Nexedi technologies (SlapOS, Wendelin, re6st) for the implementation of a IoT and Big Data infrastructure in the field of Wind Energy.
  • Wendelin Use Case in Civil Engineering - A complete use case of Nexedi technologies (Wendelin, Jupyter) for the implementation of a Big Data Application in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Wendelin Use Case in Wind Energy - A complete use case of Nexedi technologies (Wendelin, NEO) for the implementation of a Big Data infrastructure in the field of Wind Energy.


  • Sesame OCP Leopard SlapOS Certified - Amsterdam, September 26, 2019 - Nexedi successfully completed certification of ITRenew Sesame OCP Leopard recertified servers for SlapOS operation management system powered by Ubuntu 16.04 Linux. Any company can now build their own public or private cloud infrastructure based on a fully open-source, license-free solution with 100% success track record.


  • KM - Description of ERP5 KM solutions.





  • Smart MES - Smart manufacturing planning and execution at the edge.


  • MiTAC OCP Tioga Pass SlapOS Certified - Nexedi successfully completed certification of MiTAC Tioga Pass servers for SlapOS operation management system powered by Debian GNU/Linux. Any company can now build their own public or private cloud infrastructure based on a fully open-source, license-free solution with 100% success track record.

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  • Running a Massive Open Online Course with ERP5 for 1500 students for Technische Universität Dresden and Supinfo - Technische Universität Dresden and Supinfo have chosen ERP5 to power the world-wide first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) teaching Enterprise Resource Planning and the first MOOC which uses machine-learning-based mass individual assessment. ERP5 was used to implement a course management and correction system which allows online assessment and semi-automatic correction of praxis projects. The system allowed to teach and asses 1500 students distributed over 18 countries by a team of 28 tutors with differing experience levels working from nine different sites.


  • EOS Venture launches letitseed in France - Two months after its launch, EOS Venture is the only PSI ACPR-accredited equity crowdfunding platform in France, is built with the ERP/CRM modules of Nexedi's ERP5 and hosted on SlapOS.
  • First open source e-government platform in China - Nexedi released today the first open source lightning protection egovernment platform after studying during 9-months the business process of lightning protection in China. The platform is built on the ERP5 workflow with full customization to Chinese lightning protection business process and decision-making flow, together with modern e-business features: e-signature, document management, real-time image capturing, geo-location, mobile access. etc.
  • GKR implements global ERP based on HTML5 offline technology - GKR, international group in rubber industry, has implemented in 3 months an exemplary purchase-production-sales data acquisition and management system for 14 subsidiaries in China and south-east Asia, through worldwide deployment of offline HTML5 Application, central ERP5 open source platform and GrandeNet application delivery network.
  • Nexedi Invests in Shanghai - Nexedi Invests in Shanghai Free Trade Zone to Develop Mobile Technologies and ERP5
  • "Wendelin" Big Data Libre - Launch of Wendelin Exanalytics at MariaDB conference, Santa Clara, April 3
  • Nexedi Company Introduction - Common slides for introducing Nexedi and its products
  • Free Cloud Alliance Formed - PR to announce the creation the Free Cloud Alliance
  • UNG Debut - UNG Docs 1.0 Open Source Web Office Suite has been released during CONSEGI 2011 in Brasilia and at the same time during Solutions Linux exhibition in Paris. UNG Docs was successfully implemented at Instituto Federal Fluminense in Brazil on a SlapOS distributed Cloud to provide productivity application to students and researchers. UNG Docs is part of the "UNG is Not G....." for a Free Cloud.


  • Nexedi Supports Pyston - Last November Nexedi hired Boxiang Sun, key community contributor to the development of Pyston, a performance-oriented Python implementation.
  • Nexedi Enterprise Free Software Meetup - Tokyo 2016 - Nexedi KK holds a mini event at 31 May 2016 to talk about the latest roadmap and success cases of ERP5 and other Free Software developed by Nexedi group.

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  • Facts & Figures - Nexedi is one of the largest open source software publishers in Europe and has been providing services around its solutions since 2001.


  • ERP5 FInance at Aide et Action - Aide et Action, International NGO, has implemented an exemplary financial management through a worldwide deployment of the Open Source ERP5 software package using SlapOS technology.


  • Out-of-core NumPy - A minimal tutorial to learn how to use wendelin.core library. It shows how to install wendelin.core and do basic out-of-core operations on ndarrays.


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  • Nexedi | Free Software - Nexedi has created, maintains and provides customization services for a full stack of free software solutions.
  • Nexedi | Testimonials from Open Source Implementations - [SUBPAGE - META NOT USED] Testimonials and examples of successful ERP5 open source ERP Implementations
  • Nexedi | Innovation and Research in Open Source Software - Nexedi is on the forefront of open source innovation by emphasizing research and development and collaborating closely with partners and academic institutions.
  • ERP5 World Forum PR - Press release to announce ERP5 World Forum
  • Out-of-Core Pydata - The wendelin.core library and the Wendelin platform provide two practical solutions to scale up pydata libraries and scripts beyond the limites of RAM. Wendelin thus eliminates the need to redevelop and port pydata scripts to another language and platform as soon as data grows. Pydata can now be used both for prototyping data analytics with Jupyter and for scalable deployment for Wendelin. Wendelin.core and Wendelin are both Free Software supported by Nexedi.
  • Front Page - 

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  • Nexedi | Solution Wendelin - Managed Big Data - In a world of growing data volume and internet of things (IoT), Nexedi provides specialist services to go along with our open source Big Data platform Wendelin. Our Big Data related services cover data-collection, analysis and visualization enabling us to provide consulting on single topics or implementing full-fledged Big Data applications on our Wendelin stack.

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  • Nexedi | Solution Wendelin - Open Source Big Data Platform - Wendelin is an open source software solution specifically designed for Big Data and 'Convergence Ready' to be integrated with classic ERP business processes. It interfaces with industry-standard libraries for data ingestion, analytics and machine learning on a fully automated, scalable and cloud-based software stack.

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  • Nexedi | Solution SlapOS - Managed Cloud - SlapOS provides cloud hosting, infrastructure and orchestration as a service (hosted & managed cloud or managed cloud) ensuring application resiliency and scalability.

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  • Nexedi | Solution SlapOS - Open Source Cloud Operating System - SlapOS is an open source grid-operating solution for managing and deploying cloud infrastructures. It was built on the premise 'everything is a service' and can automate any service on any platform including build, provisioning, orchestration, configuration, monitoring, operation, backup, recovery and billing (via ERP5).

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  • Nexedi | Solution ERP5 - ERP5 Enterprise - Nexedi provides specialist services to implement time-critical and complex ERP5 systems. Our dedicated team of software developers and consultants are experts in analyzing business process requirements and implementing them inside ERP5 along with fine grained security permissions and custom extensions. We handle integration with existing systems, data migration of both data and documents as well as testing.
  • Nexedi | Solution ERP5 - Open Source ERP - ERP5 is an open source ERP based on Python and Zope. It uses a document object architecture based on five generic principles (unified business model). This allows to build ERP5 according to actual business practices instead of forcing users to adapt to specific software 'best practices'.

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  • Nexedi | Meet our Open Source Developers - Our team is creating open source software around the globe. We have paperless offices, no phones or meetings and value teaching through our trainee program.

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  • Nexedi | Open Source Software Services - Nexedi provides services around three of our software solutions ERP5 (Unified Business Suite), Wendelin (Big Data Platform) and SlapOS (Cloud Operation System).

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  • Nexedi | Open Source Software Solutions - Nexedi has created and maintains a number of open source projects providing commercial services for ERP5 (Businees), Wendelin (Big Data) and SlapOS (Hosting).




  • Careers - In this presentation, you will learn the universal work-flow of careers and assignments and their application within ERP5.
  • Order Prediction with the R language using ERP5 - This Tutorial is about how to use the R language within ERP5 to predict the amount of the future orders.
  • ERP 101 - This presentation will teach you what is an ERP.
  • Open Source Data Mining - This presentation will present you few open source software which can be used to perform Data Mining.
  • FAQ - General OSOE Class FAQ page, displaying links to FAQs sorted by Session Title.
  • OSOE Consulting Program - 


  • Partners - This page describes TioLive partnerships

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  • Rapid.Space Cloud slashes CO2 by 87% - Hydro66 have delivered OCP colocation data center services to Nexedi, operator of Rapid.Space cloud and leading publisher of Entreprise open source software in Europe. This new IaaS platform provides market leading price and performance public cloud servers. It is based on Sesame recertified servers provided by ITRenew and based on the Open Compute Project (OCP) standard. Rapid.Space at Hydro66 reduces CO2 emissions by up to 87% compared to average European cloud providers.


  • Nicolas Wavrant - Trainee profile of Nicolas Wavrant telling about his experience at Nexedi
  • Ayush Tiwari - Trainee profile of Ayush Tiwari telling about his experience at Nexedi

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  • Free Revolution - Press release for the introduction of ERP5 Express Free Service


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  • Complete Coverage ERP Implementation for Japanese Pesticide Producer - Sankei Chemical chose ERP5 because of its ability to implement the highly complex price models used in Japanese pesticide industry. Sankei runs an integrated ERP5 solution to manage pesticide production, purchase, sales, shipment and inventory. Thanks to ERP5s flexible design philosophy, the system could be fully customized to Sankeis business processes including interfaces for electronic trading data exchange with large industry organizations and key customers. The success case shows the importance of client-side project management for an ERP implementation project and why sometimes perseverance is required for a perfect requirement analysis.


  • Increase your storage space - This FAQ is about the 1Gb extra storage space service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • ERP5 and your cellphone - This FAQ is about the mobile skin service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • ERP5 and mobile phones - This FAQ is about the mobile skin service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Nokia and ERP5 - This FAQ is about the mobile skin service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Receive emails in ERP5 - This FAQ is about the contact synchronization service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Link ERP5 and Outlook - This FAQ is about the contact synchronization service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Secure your data - This FAQ is about the advanced backup service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Archive your data - This FAQ is about the advanced backup service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Store emails in ERP5 - This FAQ is about the contact synchronization service and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.
  • Basic documentation - This FAQ is about the basic user manuals and gathers all the FAQ about this service listed on the service FAQ page.



  • sitemap - TioLive site map. Submit it after each change. - Google: wget - Bing: wget - Ask: wget - Moreover: wget


  • SlapOS powers "TeraLab", Institut Mines Télécom's Big Data Platform - Within three months, Institut Mines Télécom and Nexedi automated through SlapOS the provisioning and operation of clusters of virtual machines that power Terelab Big Data platform. This project demonstrate how SlapOS hyperconvergent operating system can be used to power a corporate Big Data platform with strict security requirements, under strict time and budget constraints.
  • IFF implements SlapOS - PR to announce IFF implements SlapOS Open Source Distributed Cloud on existing Linux Desktop PC Classrooms
  • SlapOS Successfully Implemented - Quick reaction to Patriot Act issues with public clouds.
  • SlapOS Successfully Implemented - PR to announce early success stories based on SlapOS.

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  • Technology - Describes technologies used in ERP5 and the abstract concepts behind


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  • Saurabh Bansod - Trainee profile of Saurabh Bansod telling about his experience at Nexedi


  • training dates - blog post to give the date of the next partnership training.

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  • VOIP - Description of TioLive VOIP service