ERP5 Brazilian Portuguese Project

Welcome to this web-page which aims at grouping all informations required to localise ERP5 into Portuguese and also all informations you need if you wish to contribute to the project.

Global informations

Status of the Project Mailing List Contact the team
Seeking for Volunteers

Team Main Contact:

  •  Rafael Monnerat <rafael at>

Team Members: 

  •  Lucas Carvalho <lucas at>

ERP5 localised business template

bt5 Status URL
i18n business template Released
(Update Required)
l10n Accounting business template Released
[1] -
[2] -
l10n Payroll business template N/A N/A

[1] SME spreadsheet was created for small and micro enterprises (Companies). This Accounting Plan is defined at NBC T 19.13 (Technical Brazilian Norms for Accounting) as recommendation for SME, this was created to suply Simplified Accounting.

[2] Extend accounting plan is bigger than sme and more complete for some cases, specially Medium companies. He uses 5 levels and this is already used at some implementations at Brazil (not using ERP5 yet). He uses 4 levels (X.X.X.X), this is simple and shorter.

ERP5 Localised user documentation

This section doesn't exist yet since we are seeking for volunteers to translate the users Tutorials of ERP5.

Localisation progress


The tasks for the project can be found here (or here in KM).

The task reports for the project can be found here (or here in KM).


Localisation goes through the following steps:

  1. Translation (Glossary) [PENDING]
  2. Localisation of Accounting [DONE]
  3. Localisation of Payroll [PENDING]
  4. Localisation of User Interface (ex. address) (this is not yet available in ERP5) [PENDING]

(this paragraph is a summary of the project milestones)

Localisation resources

Language Tools



  • Management Glossary
  • etc.



Legal References

XXX Law is based on XXX and has evolved towards XXX type legislation under the influence of XXX. The following references provide an overview of the current business legislation:

Accounting Legislation

Brazilian uses (Civil | Common) Law type accounting. The accounting legislation can be found here:

  • etc.

Paysheet Calculation

Payroll calculation includes all insurances and Taxes for Brazilian Law. The following references explain how to calculate a paysheet:

  • etc.

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