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Developer Documentation

Tutorial/Learning Track - Creating A Forum Module

Tutorial teaching to develop ERP5 by setting up a new instance and creating a forum application.

How To request Wendelin via the SlapOS Dashboard

Step by step guide on requesting a Wendelin Instance in the SlapOS Panel

How To Request an ERP5 Instance on a SlapOS Webrunner

Instructions on installing an ERP5 instance via SlapOS webrunner for learning or working with ERP5.

How To Installing Wendelin Standalone

Step by step guide on installing Wendelin Standalone

How To Configure Wendelin With ERP5

Instructions on how to modify the Wendelin standalone default configuration.

ERP5 Technology Introduction Presentation

Introduction into the technologies and architecture behind ERP5

How To Install ERP5 From Buildout

How To describing how to install ERP5 from Buildout.

FAQ Where To Get Started?

provides info about ERP5, technical concepts and how to get an instance to evaluate ERP5.

FAQ Basic Information About ERP5

provides basic information about ERP5.

How To Request ERP5 on the Command Line

How To describing how to install ERP5 with the single line installer for Linux (Windows, Mac not available at this time)

FAQ Create Category Spreadsheet

information on how to fill the category spreadsheet to configure an ERP5 instance.

Technical Note on Installation Troubleshooting

notes showing how to solve the a number of installation problems.

Wendelin Developer Documentation Introduction

Introduction to the Wendelin developer documentation including key indices and info on getting started.

FAQ What is Wendelin?

Wendelin is an open source Big Data and Machine Learning platform written entirely in Python.

How To Bootstrap ERP5 with Webrunner

How To describing how get started with a new ERP5 project using Web Runner.

How To Define Software Configuration For ERP5 Project

typical software configuration defined in software.cfg for new ERP5 project.