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How To Use Commit From ERP5

Document showing how to work with business templates using git from inside ERP5.

How To Install Business Templates

How To guiding through the process of adding functional components to an ERP5 instance.

Guideline Inside The Roles Tab, Assignor, Assignee, Associate And Auditor Must Be Defined

Follow 5A security model.

Guideline Unset Acquire Local Roles On Document Portal Type Configuration If Applicable

sub and parent document security may differ.

Guideline Include Module Local Roles In Business Template

They will not be created automatically.

Guideline Proxy Fields Should Share Semantics

To keep consistency across fields.

Guideline Only Use Proxy Fields In Non Field Library Forms

To prevent excessive customisation.

Guideline Technical Template Fields Are Defined In Base_viewFieldLibrary

Non semantic fields should not be duplicated.

Guideline A Proxy Field Never Links To An External Field Library

Business templates must work standalone.

Guideline Use Glossary Defined Prefix For Specific Semantics

Field libraries should be consistent within.

Guideline Modify Correct Changelog On Business Template Commits

Differentiate major changes and purpose changelog.

Guideline Semantic Field Is Named Using My Prefix, Technical Context And Semantic Name

Differentiate between semantic and technical template fields.


How To Update Business Template

How to showing steps to update an business templates on an existing erp5 instance

HowTo Upload OfficeJS Application

How to showing step to upload application on officejs server type.

Business Template Specification

ERP5 Design Specification of Business Template and Commit Tool and how they interact with each other.

Guideline Include Module Base Categories In Business Template

They will not be created automatically.

How To Update ERP5 Instance

How to showing steps to update an existing erp5 instance

Guideline Use My Prefix and Class Name For Template Field Name

To prevent creating multiple technical template fields.

Guideline A Business Template Has Only One Field Library

Field libraries share semantic configuration.