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Nexedi test naming convention

Document describing how we name test suites
  • Last Update:2022-06-29
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


This document describes the naming convention we use for naming of test suites.




  • "project" - is name of the project and / or product (like ERP5 or Wendelin)
  • "sub_project" - is the name of a sub project or a sub product or component of main one
  • "type_of_test" - is the type of test being run. We support this minimal set of test types:
    • UnitTest
    • ScalabilityTest
    • PerformanceTest
    • IntegrationTest
    • CodingStyleTest
    • StandaloneDeploymentScriptTest
    • ResilienceTest
  • "revision" - the revisions of the tested software. Usually either a branch name or tag and / or in case of deployment tests the operating system version

More information for names of tests used in ERP5 names can be found here.