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Some data about working with families in ERP5
  • Last Update:2016-05-16
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Some data about family.

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Families will be represented according to the following rules:

  • Each person has one or more legal parent, one or more natural parent and one or more caring person (who pays for life costs)
  • Persons (2 to any number) are associated through symetric contracts (ex. mariage, PACS, free association, etc.)

The following cases are still unknown:

  • Divorce sounds like a trade condition (since it defines who will owe / pay what to who after divorce).
  • Is Fiscal Home a document or a reference associate either to person or to association contracts ? Fiscal Home is what pays taxes.
  • Do we need a workflow for families ? if yes, it should look like this :
    • draft :
    • validated : no modify portal content permission, changing a contract is done by cancelling the contract and creating a new one.
    • invalidated : the contract is no longer valid
    • cancelled


Agreements between N persons can be viewed in reality a special kind of contract. They are a contract between an enforcing party (ex. the society, the church, etc.) and beneficiaries (ex. the N persons). The enforcing party provides the service of monitoring and enforcing the agreement. This is a kind of service for which the beneficiaries sometimes have to pay. In this sense, the enforcing party is a source (ie. like the source of Law) and the beneficiaries are the destination.

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