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Guideline Page Template Containing Multiple Macros Is Postfixed With Renderer

File acts as macro repository.
  • Last Update:2017-04-06
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Page Template Containing Multiple Macros Is Postfixed With Renderer

In some cases, Page templates are used as a repository of macros. A single page template may contain multiple reusable macros which participate in a global rendering process. In this case, we should not only follow the same naming convention as for scripts (CapitalizedWords) but also make sure that such page templates can be called and tested on a standard object. This means that no page template should ever be designed in such way that does not make it renderable by invoking it on an appropriate portal type instance.

The underlying idea is sometimes called prototype programming (cf. Self) or delegation (cf. HyperCard). It is similar to the idea of proxy fields in ERP5 Forms. Rather than using abstract macros from isolated page templates, new page templates should be designed by reusing bits from another working page template. However, to make the system more maintenable, it is recommended to gather all macros in a large page template which serves as a kind of example of reusable UI components. This why the name of such pages should end with Renderer.

Good Example:


Bad Example: