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ERP5 Guidelines

ERP5 guidelines provide information for developers and authors working with ERP5. They were written to guarantee consistency across documents written, accessablity of code and to enable re-usablity across different domains as well as allowing contributions back to the core of ERP5.


  • Coding  - Conventions to write clean, maintainable and accessible code.
  • Commits  - Patterns for clean code and commit history on all repositories.
  • Content Creation  - Rules for content creation in order to ensure a consistent way of writing documents.
  • Project Management  - Rules and general advice when managing ERP5 projects.
  • Module Creation  - Definition of a set of rules to follow when creating a new module.
  • Content Naming  - Rules for correctly naming documents in ERP5.
  • Programming  - Collection of rules applicable to all aspects of ERP5 (Zope, ERP5, Python, JavaScript)
  • Proxification  - Conventions for field libraries and layout forms used in ERP5, especially for custom fields.
  • Project Reporting  - Rules and general advice when working on reporting for R&D projects.
  • Translation  - Conventions on how to make quality translations.