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ERP5 Source Code

This page provides information how to download ERP5's source code.
  • Last Update:2016-04-22
  • Version:0.1
  • Language:en

ERP5 Source Code

ERP5 | Open Source ERP - Gitlab Repository Screenshot

The source code of ERP5 is hosted on Gitlab. To use or download ERP5 either check for the latest (evaluation) version and sources on the release overview or get a production-ready instance through the developer getting started section.

Business Templates

ERP5 consists of a core which is extend by function applications, called business templates/bt5. You can follow the how to install business templates to extend your instance with any of the available business templates/applications.

Contribution Guidelines

ERP5 | Open Source ERP - Code Snippet

As ERP5 has a large codebase, conventions and guidelines play and important role when contributing to ERP5. The following guidelines are relevant for making contributions to ERP5 and can also be found in the developer guidelines: