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  • Imagine and discover the after cloud.
  • Progressive Offline Web Application (POWA)
  • What is the purpose of Servers and VMs
  • How to ensure resiliency and low latency


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  • Free and open source software won, and continues to win.
  • 80% of Web apps will be serverless and work without network.
  • Residual usage of servers for : Trust, high volumes, low latency.
  • Edge Cloud : hyperconvergent resilient low latency infrastructure.


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  • First European Free Software Editor
  • 35 people, 10 nationalities, 8 countries
  • Information Systems for organisations
  • Flexibility | Scalability | Resiliency

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Progressive Offline Web Application: Serverless offline web


  • URL:
  • HTML5 Apps Appstore
  • Customisable for companies
  • Try the spreadsheet one
  • Wait for local transfer (200 Mo)


Accès ERP5 (PWA HTML5)


Wendelin: Data Science

When is are servers needed

When by design Blockchain or POWA cannot work

Low latency


(High volumes AND/OR Trust)

Conclusion : An application server can be simplified to the extreme (storage, security, reporting, analitics) and a large parts of Business Process handled by POWA.

Edge Cloud: one API from Servers to IOT

Edge Cloud : inventé par ViFiB en 2009

Edge Cloud : Cloud of the future

Space Computing : Edge Cloud Spatial 

Exemple : Deploy ERP5

    slapos request erp5



Stabilité Edge Cloud SlapOS


Edge Cloud Pros

  • Resilient (Unlike centralised clouds)
  • Universal (One API for servers, routers, drones, cars, machines, etc.)
  • Secure (out of reach of NSA)
  • Sustainable (free software without venture capital)
  • Autonomous (Works without internet)
  • Proven (Teralab, Airbus, SANEF, Mitsubishi, Stellantis, etc.)
  • Global (works in China)
  • Works with Software Defined Radio  (baremetal deployment)
  • 5 to 10 times cheaper than public clouds

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