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Nexedi Job Opportunity -Artificial Language Processing Python Engineer (Traineeship)

Nexedi is looking for a trainee to develop an application to allow to quickly and intelligently search through a large codebase hosted on github/gitlab and apply natural language processing models to a programming language.
  • Last Update:2017-02-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Task:Artificial Language Processing Python Engineer (Traineeship)
  • Location:Nexedi Lille
  • Type:6-12 months
  • Reference:Trainee-Engineer-2017-Artificial-Language-Processing


Nexedi is looking for a 6-12 months trainee to develop an application to allow to quickly and intelligently search through a large codebase hosted on github/gitlab such as the over 10 million lines of code maintained by Nexedi. The minimum outcome should be a codecrawler replicating the functionality of our old gitweb repository (;=HEAD&st;=grep&s;=foo) with a number of additional features.

In addition to this we are curious to know whether it is possible to use Natural Language Processing Models on our codebase and what the results may be (we'll coin this "Artificial Language Processing"). We want to know whether it is possible to find some sort of structure in a codebase? Some sort of grammar? Identify properties, categories and data types instead of people, locations and organisations? The exact scope of this part of the traineeship to be defined.


  • Develop a search engine for code
  • Try to apply Natural Language Processing models to a programming language code corpus
  • Work with an international group of colleagues and trainees in a flat hierarchy
  • Use and Produce Free Software


  • Be willing to dig deep into code, learn to comprehend and try something new
  • Contribute and further innovate our open source stack


  • Passionate, self-driven
  • Willingness to contribute to an open source ecosystem and the Free Software community
  • Very good programming skills in Python
  • Good skills in Javascript
  • Software development skills (version control, testing, debugging)
  • Good command of English

About Nexedi

Nexedi has been developing free software since launching in 2001 and is now maintaining software solutions totalling over 10 million lines of code, such as:

Nexedis' free software is currently used by corporations (Airbus, Sanef, Mitsubishi, GKR) around the world (France, China, Ethiopia) as well as international financial institutions. We are primarily developing with Python and JavaScript and are idealistic regarding open-source and free software - even in daily operations. We follow the principles of reflexive programming, enforce strict unit testing and emphazise using the latest web technologies.

Our economic model requires each developer to fulfill R&D objectives aiming at deliverying short and medium solutions to customer requirements and progressing the evolution of our software stack. This way we try to be innovative and fund long term free software without the need for venture capital. Our team of engineers is still small and spread around the world. We work without meetings or paper and have a flat hierarchy expecting everyone to self-organize and contribute.


We'd be happy to hear from you, so drop us a line (along with your CV) at jobs(at) and we will get in touch with you asap.

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